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In 1865, a young, clever and determined Arthur Tilley conspired a plan to use his creative talent to create a soap and perfumery works – Tilley Soaps. A brand unique to Australia, Tilley is now proudly the oldest 100% Australian owned soap manufacturer, celebrating 150 years in the industry.

Soap making is an art, not a science, and Arthur was often quoted as saying, “A soap maker is never done learning the art of making soap” – a saying that still plays a big part of the brand’s success and one of the reasons why Tilley continues to deliver premium products for the home and body.

It’s safe to say that 150 years later, the creative and innovative skills Arthur embedded into Tilley Soaps are still strong. Soap making is still an art, a soap maker’s work is never done and the brand is busy preparing for another 150 years (and more!) of triumphs in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

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